Hawai‘i helps choose the Democratic Presidential Nominee with a Presidential Preference Poll. The 2016 Poll will be held at 1:00 PM on Saturday, March 26, 2016. This will be held in combination with our Precinct Meeting.

You can use this page to answer many of your questions.

  1. Question: Am I a member?
    • Answer: If you’re not sure we ask you to fill out our online membership form. Either your information will be updated or you will join the Party. Because our office is busy we are unable to send out individual confirmations. If you completed the online form then you are okay! Complete the form here.
  2. Question: Where do I go on Saturday?
  3. Question: I’m not a Democrat but I want to vote. Can I?
    • Answer: The Poll is an event exclusively for Democrats. You are welcome to join the Democratic Party of Hawaii to participate. You can join the day of the Poll or you can join online now. If you voted in the Republican Caucus you are not allowed to vote in the Democratic Poll
  4. Question: Why do you call it a Presidential Preference Poll and not a Caucus?
    • Answer: Because it’s not a caucus! The Poll has some similarities with other caucuses. The Democratic Party of Hawaii organizes and pays for the Poll. The Poll results will decide how Hawaii splits our 34 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The polls are conducted at the local level. But unlike a caucus, the voting in Hawaii is by secret ballot.
  5. Question: Why don’t you call it a Primary?
    • Answer: Because the Primary is a separate event! The Hawaii State Primary is held August 13, 2016. The primary election is organized and paid for the State. It is also after the Democratic National Convention, so Democratic presidential candidates could not appear on the Hawaii ballot.
  6. Question: What is a Primary?
    • Answer: A Primary is when candidates of the same political party compete to be the single candidate for the General Election. For example, in the 2014 Primary seven Democratic candidates ran for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District. Representative Mark Takai won the Primary and faced Republican Charles Djou in the General Election. Representative Mark Takai won and is now Congressman Takai.
  7. Question: What do I need to do to be able to vote in the Presidential Preference Poll?
  8. Question: Can I register to vote and join the Party the day of the voting?
    • Answer: Yes. However all locations are expected to be very busy. To avoid waiting in long lines we recommend you visit the Checklist Page today.
  9. Question: Can I vote by absentee ballot?
    • Answer: No. You must vote in person.
  10. Question: I always vote by absentee ballot. Why can’t I vote by absentee now?
    • Answer: The State of Hawaii administers the Primary & General Elections. Using your tax dollars they are able to print, send, and receive absentee ballots. Our Poll is run, and financed, by the Democratic Party of Hawaii. Because we have less resources than the State we are unable to offer this option.
  11. Question: I’ll be on March 26th, can I vote at a different location?
    • Answer: No. You may only vote in your home precinct.
  12. Question: What time will the Poll close on March 26th?
    • Answer: There is no official end time. Polling will begin promptly at 1 PM. It will continue until all members present have cast their vote. We advise you to arrive before 1:00 PM to ensure you are in line and will be able to vote.
  13. Question: How else can I get involved?
    • Answer: Stay at your Precinct Meeting after the Presidential Preference Poll vote. We’ll be election grassroots leadership and delegates to county/state conventions. You can also do a web search for candidates and/or causes you’re concerned about and contact them directly.
  14. Question: How do I get my membership card?
    • Answer: Official Democratic Party of Hawaii membership cards are issued after you pay your annual voluntary due of $25. Please visit our donation page for more information.

Article II, Section 3B of the Bylaws of the Democratic Party of Hawaii has more information.

Still have questions? Visit hawaiidemocrats.org/contact and email us your question.