Presidential Preference Poll

In 2020, Hawai’i Democrats will vote for the Presidential nominee who will take on President Trump. The Presidential Preference Poll (PPP) is our opportunity to impact this critical election.

It’s also an opportunity to engage Hawai’i voters, increase our membership, and build a party that will continue to influence elections for decades to come.

This year, we’ve created an ambitious plan to run our Presidential Preference Poll and select our delegates for the 2020 National Convention. Our plan includes:

  • Vote-By-Mail for every member
  • Ranked-choice voting
  • and A LOT more!

Before we submit our plan to the DNC, we need your input. On April 24, our State Central Committee will vote on a final plan. Please give us all your comments before then so we can create the best plan possible for this exciting 2020 campaign season.

You can view the plan here: 2020 Hawaii Delegate Selection Plan_DRAFT_2019-3-25

Please EMAIL all suggestions, comments or concerns to: or via Google Forms here.

If you like the plan, please remember, a successful Presidential Preference Poll will take significant funding. Click here and donate directly to our 2020 Presidential Preference Poll fund: