We’re glad to see you’ve taken an interest in joining our Party. In most states citizens choose their party affiliation when registering to vote. In Hawaii this is not the case! An individual must first register to vote, and then independently join their party of choice. We find it very common that members in our community are ‘Democrats at heart, but not on paper.’

The Democratic Party of Hawai’i would like to invite you to become a member. We care about the future of agriculture in our islands. We strive for excellence in public education for our Keiki. We support fair pay and strong labor practices. We stand firm on the issues of energy sustainability, preservation of Hawai’i’s environment, and the rights of native Hawaiians.

You may join the Democratic Party of Hawai`i in one of two ways:

1. Join online  (top choice).

2. Print, complete, and mail the enrollment form.