Presidential Elector Candidate

Hermina (Mina) Morita


My name is Hermina Morita, my family and friends call me Mina. May I please have your support and vote for one of the four Presidential Elector seats.

I am a life-long Democrat. While growing up, I experienced firsthand the influence stalwarts of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi had on the island of Lanaʻi for an improved quality of life and strengthening of our small community. Since retiring from public service as a Kauaʻi (and East Maui prior to 2002 reapportionment) legislator from 1998 to 2011 and Chair of the Hawaiʻi Public Utilities Commission from 2011 to 2015, I have been volunteering and on the board of three Hanalei non-profit organization and have been the Chair of the Democratic Party of Kauaʻi since 2018.

It would be an honor and give me great joy and relief to cast an electoral vote for Vice President Joe Biden for President of the United State on behalf of the voters of Hawaiʻi for two reasons. First, it would be the culmination of a personal desire to see Joe Biden elected as President. The second reason would be an honor the fruition of the Democratic Party of Hawaii's efforts to hold its very first presidential primary election.

Personally, although my head was telling me Vice President Biden's age was a concern, in my naʻau I always felt Vice President Biden would be the best presidential candidate to bring our country together. I have no doubt that he will select an awesome Vice President and can put together a smart, and diverse cabinet dedicated to public service to fix the damage done to our republic by the Trump administration. To cast an electoral vote would finally put my naʻau at ease knowing we, as a country, can get back on course to restore democracy, our humanity and decency. I believe I am representative of the many Hawaii's voters who seek this same feeling of relief.

My second reason comes from observing the hard work the Party-Run Presidential Primary (PPP) 2020 Committee, and participating with my fellow county chairs, the interim state chair, executive director and other Hawaiʻi Democrats the preparation and execution of the PPP and other important party business. If elected, I bring with me acknowledgement of others indispensable Hawaiʻi Democratic worker bees who put their heart and soul in making PPP a reality, a fair process and open to more participants. Many of these same people also worked to coordinate precinct meetings, their county convention and the state convention only to have to regroup, rethink and use their ingenuity to be flexible and adaptable in this COVID-19 environment.

Hermina Morita
Hermina Morita