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A program that allows you to show your support and dedication to our Democratic values.

The work of Democrats has never been more critical than it is right now. We must continue to work at building a party that addresses the needs of our citizens and our environment, both at home and across the nation. The D.E.M. Crew program is an effective and efficient way to help sustain the efforts of your party!


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What is the D.E.M. Crew?

The D.E.M. (Donate Every Month) Crew is a program developed to help sustain the work and operations of the Democratic Party of Hawaii.

Because our party functions on contributions from like-minded individuals and organizations, our sources of revenue continually fluctuate throughout the year.

The Democratic Party of Hawaii is looking for ways to make donations to the party more practical, predictable, and sustainable.

Facing the Facts and Making the Ask

Democrats suffered a devastating loss in the 2016 Presidential election and people across the state and nation are now realizing the consequences. However, the work we do as a party can have a positive, direct impact on what happens in the future.

Whether it is fighting for immigrants, defending women’s rights, securing access to affordable health care, protecting our environment, or providing a living wage for workers, having the resources necessary to maintain and grow the Party is essential to ensuring that Democratic values will be upheld.

It will take an aggressive approach in organizing, educating, and motivating Democrats. We are asking our Democratic elected officials and candidates to take part in our Party’s efforts by participating in the D.E.M. Crew.

The D.E.M. Crew program started with our general membership last year and continues to grow each month. Our goal is to see our legislative participation grow as well. Your monthly contribution will ensure that our Party efforts make an impact.

Mahalo for supporting your Democratic Party!



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2 Ways to Participate:

You can contribute online:

City/County electeds or candidates

State Representatives or candidates

State Senators or candidates

US House members or candidates

Statewide electeds or candidates


Mail: Checks payable to: Democratic Party of Hawaii PO Box 2041, Honolulu, HI 96805


Before you an access your Votebuilder account, you will need to sign a database agreement. To get this agreement and for any other questions, please contact:

Laura Nevitt – Executive Director

627 South Street, #105

Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813

Office: 808-596-2980