National Committeeman Candidate

Daniel K Jacob

Congratulations on your election as a delegate! It is unfortunate that we all can’t be together at our state convention. 


My name is Daniel Jacob. I am asking for your vote to be Hawaii‘s male representative on the Democratic National Committee. 


I was born into a Democratic political family.  My family taught me that the Democratic Party is the most important organization of people on this planet. I wholeheartedly believe that to be true. If our Party is successful in electing good leaders, our entire planet will be more equal, peaceful, tolerant, clean and safe.  


Hawaii only has one male and female national committee position.  It is critical that they be available to everyone and promote the Democratic Party of Hawaii as one.  In order to have the necessary resources to effectively operate our state and county operations, it is also critical that they be effective and non-divisive members of Democratic National Committee. As your National Committeeman, I promise to deliver on these critical requirements and protect our Party’s Aloha. 


I am currently serving in my seventh year as a member of the Oahu County Democrats Executive Committee as Assistant Secretary. I have been a member of the State Central Committee for the last four years as a representative from the 11th and now 12th Senatorial Districts.  I have been employed as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of Hawaii for eight years, representing various divisions within the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, and the Law Enforcement Officer Independent Review Board.  I am currently the Chair of the Government Lawyers Section and a member of the Civics Education Committee of the Hawaii Bar Association. I serve as secretary of my homeowner’s association. I am a committed member of the Waikiki Beach Boys Canoe Club.  


If I am elected to be your National Committeeman, I will make it my top priority. I fully understand the duties and obligations that are demanded to be your only National Committeeman. I ask you for your support, so that we – Hawaii – can show our country what it truly means to be a Democrat and work for the benefit of all. 


As your National Committeeman I will make time to listen to you all. Please call me so that I can hear your concerns, and we can discuss how to make the Democratic Party of Hawaii the best it can be. 


Aloha and mahalo nui loa for your consideration.




Daniel K. Jacob



Watch a video about me and my candidacy here!

Daniel K Jacob