website: Maui County Democrats

P.O. Box 1182
Kula, HI 96790

– Chairperson: Tim Lara
– Vice-Chair of Molokai: Beverly Pauole-Moore
Vice-Chair of PR: Katie McMillian
– Vice-Chair of Organization and Outreach: Sarah Freistat Pajimola
– Vice-Chair of Education: Paul Janes-Brown
– Vice-Chair of Information Technology: Chris Mentzel
– Vice-Chair of Issues: Jason Eno
– Recording Secretary: Ben Wilson

– Vice-Chair of Maui: Autumn Rae Ness
– Vice-Chair of Events: Vacant
– Vice-Chair of Communications and Public Relations: Katie McMillan
– Vice-Chair of Government Relations: Stacia Ash
– Vice-Chair of Rules: Darren Ash
– Vice-Chair of Labor: Mary Wagner
– Corresponding Secretary: Tera Peleka
– Treasurer: Charlie Quesnel

* Vacant positions will be appointed by the Chair. If you are interested in serving in an officer position, please e-mail County Chair Tim Lara.

STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS (governing body of the Hawaii Democratic Party)
Maui County At-Large: Arianna Feinberg
Maui Male At-Large: Troy Hashimoto
Senate District 5 Female: Christy Kajiwara-Gusman
Senate District 5 Male: Kimo Gusman
Senate District 6 Female: Donna Domingo
Senate District 6 Male: Vacant
Senate District 7 Female: Colleen Wallace
Senate District 7 Male: Kit Thomas
State Chair: Tim Vandaveer

District 8: Christy Kajiwara-Gusman
District 9: Emmanuel Baltazar
District 10: Vacant
District 11: Steven West
District 12: Arianna Feinberg
District 13: Emillia Noordhoek


8-1: Loretta Giannotti
8-2: Wes Bissen
8-3: Marilyn Niwao Roberts
8-4: Vacant
8-5: Mary Wagner
8-6: Rowena Dagdag-Andaya
8-7: Lei Sato

9-1: Kelly Ruidas
9-2: Sarah Freistat Pajimola
9-3: Elaine Gima
9-4: Kehau Filimoeatu

10-1: Terez Amato
10-2: Alan Dickar
10-3: Karen Comcowich
10-4: Jerrybeth DeMello
10-5: Sharon Beach

11-1: Kelly King
11-2: Judith Michaels
11-3: Karen Lollis
11-4: John Fitzpatrick

12-1: Paul Janes-Brown
12-2: Danielle Phillips
12-3: Vacant
12-4: Vacant
12-5: Vacant
12-6: Sam Young

13-1: Karen Chun
13-2: Lucienne DeNaie
13-3: Ward Mardfin
13-4: Marlene Baltero
13-5: Matthew Goodrich
13-6: Keani Rawlins-Fernandez
13-7: Leslie Wiley
13-8: Noelani Joy
13-9: Clarence Kahilihiwa