Young Democrats of Hawai’i


The Young Democrats of Hawai‘i strive to:

  • Encourage young people to take an active interest in governmental affairs
  • Promote their involvement in the political process
  • Increase the political strength of young adult voters, ages 18-35
  • Achieve social justice and equal opportunity for all of Hawaii’s people

Young Democrats of Hawai‘i are meeting the challenge to increase the political power of the younger generation.  We host political and social events appealing to young people throughout our communities.  The YD’s plan to use the Internet in a variety of ways to bring more young people into the political process.  We are constantly cultivating our relationships with our elected officials so we can work collectively to find solutions to future challenges facing Hawai’i.  We also  find interesting means in which to support our Democratic candidates so we can help perpetuate Democratic Party values.

On the national level, YDHI is establishing and strengthening connections with other regional YD affiliates and political organizations working with the 18 to 35 segment of the population.


President –  Tyler Dos Santos-Tam
Vice President – Jolyn Garidan Prieto
Secretary – Thomas Baldwin
Treasurer – Uyen Vong
SCC Male – Jacob Kaomaka Aki
SCC Female – Stacelynn K.M. Eli
YDA National Committeeman – Ronson Fox
YDA National Committeewoman – Jolyn Garidan Prieto
Hawaii Island YD President – Ashley Kierkiewicz
Maui YD President – Arianna Feinberg
Oahu YD President – Ronson Fox
Kauai YD President – Vacant
Director of Membership – Aria Juliet
Director of Fundraising – Jason Bradshaw