The Women's Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i is committed to bettering life in Hawai‘i for women, children and families. Our members come from diverse ethnic, economic and social backgrounds, but we find common ground in our support for the Democratic Party and our interest in the Party's inclusion of women's perspectives. We are interested in issues relating to women's health, reproductive rights, economics, education, child welfare, gender equity, access to justice and many other issues.  The Hawai‘i Democratic Women’s Caucus is a catalyst for progressive, social, economic, and political change through action on critical issues facing Hawaii’s women and girls.

We believe that the right to control one’s own body is a fundamental human right, and we must have access to information about contraception that is factual and medically accurate, access to all methods of contraception and non-judgmental treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and full access to abortion services regardless of age.

Violence is one of the greatest problems in our society, in particular violence against our most vulnerable people, women and children.  We believe that all disputes can be resolved through peaceful means, and will create effective alternatives to violence and teach these alternatives in our schools, churches, synagogues, heiau, or any place where people gather to bear witness to a greater self.  We will create a climate in Hawai‘i where peaceful interactions and communications are the norm, not the model.

We will work to create a society that provides for equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, disability or sexual orientation.  We will demand justice for all of our people.  We will create safe and affordable housing.  We will work for a “living wage”, universal health insurance, and affordable long-term care, so that each individual can sustain their life and health and be the productive member of our society that they are meant to be.  We believe that incarcerated women should be provided a range and quality of programs equivalent to those offered to the incarcerated men and that those programs must be gender appropriate and provide offenders with the necessary life skills to transition themselves to successful reintegration in the community.  We believe in civil and human rights for all, regardless of citizenship or status or connections.

We will affirm these beliefs by our action and we will hold acountable, all who are charged with the responsibility for action.  Together we will create the world we believe in.

Contact us: HiDemWomen@Gmail.com
We meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.
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Co-Chairs, Nicole Woo & Amy Monk

Treasurer, Melodie Aduja

SCC Representative, Laura Nevitt
SCC Representative, John Bickel

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