Kupuna:  According to the Hawaiian Dictionary, the definition of kupuna is “grandparent, ancestor, relative or close friend of the grandparents’ generation, grandaunt, granduncle.”  Other sources add meanings such as “an elder person of wisdom and experience.”

The Kupuna Caucus is growing and reaching out to all senior members of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i.  The potential of our group is powerful.  From among our members come the time, the energy, the ideas, and the experience to make a decisive difference in the politics of our State.  We are the people who take time to listen to the news, put that information together with experiences from our pasts, and arrive at fresh and viable ideas for future implementation.  And we are the people who have lived through the struggles to achieve many of the freedoms and lifestyle changes that younger generations have come to take for granted.  We recognize the threats being faced as many of these ideals have become subject to dismantling by the current administrations and its courts.

This caucus speaks to issues that concern its members, as well as the future generations of the State of Hawai‘i and the nation.