Aloha and welcome!
The Kupuna Caucus (KC) is a year-round organization, including many politically-experienced long-time members of the Democratic Party of Hawai`i (DPH), providing the living link to our party’s Progressive Democratic political history.
The Caucus embodies the ideal that younger DPH members together with our more-experienced members have much to learn from and share with one another and the DPH. For this reason, there is no age limit to becoming an active member. Nor do you need to be a member of the DPH to participate. However, only DPH members are eligible to stand for elected Caucus offices.
The mission of the Kupuna Caucus includes advancing specific goals through education, participation in public meetings, advocacy, political organizing, election campaigns and, most importantly, enacting legislation to implement the Platform and Resolutions of the Democratic Party of Hawai`I adopted by majority vote during the County and State DPH Conventions. Go to https://hawaiidemocrats.org, click on “About Party Documents” and “Platform” and/or "Resolutions” to review the current DPH Platform and Resolutions to identify your own issues of interest.
Once you join the Kupuna Caucus on line or by signing up at one of our events, then we will contact you to help identify the scope of what you might be willing and able to “do” to help advance our Progressive Democratic agenda. There are many ways large and small you can be very helpful and are very much needed.
To join online go to our Web site at <http://kupunacaucus.org/> and simply opt-in to our email list on the Right of the screen under “Donate” if you’re using a computer or tablet, or at the very bottom if you are using a Smart Phone. You may also “Like” our Facebook page there.
Our Web site and Facebook pages are kept current with the latest updates, so emails are minimal except when the State Legislature is in session when we do send emails with timely information to members to take action on legislation and to influence their legislators.
Our Steering Committee is elected by our many members living on all islands to conduct the official activities of the Kupuna Caucus, represent all of our Kupuna’s universal interests, advocate for issues that concern our members and to keep our members actively in the information loop in order to accomplish the needed work of enacting legislation to implement the Platform and Resolutions of the DPH. We deem frank, honest communications to be the key to accomplishing these urgent and important objectives.
Based upon common sense and life experience, we have made our bylaws <http://kupunacaucus.org/organization/bylaws/> as clear and functional as possible in order to expedite the implementation of the Kupuna Caucus’ core missions and the actual work.
As we move forward, suggested bylaw changes and edits will be considered by our Steering Committee and the appropriate adjustments will be made.
Mahalo for your interest!
Kupuna Caucus
Democratic Party of Hawai`i

Website: http://kupunacaucus.org/


Chair, Larry Smith

Vice Chair, Melodie Aduja

Secretary, pending

Treasurer, Martha Randolph

SCC Representative, Melodie Aduja

SCC Representative, Larry Smith

Maui At Large, pending

Kaua‘i At Large, pending

Hawai‘i At Large, pending

Oʻahu At Large (2), pending




A committee of the whole

A Committee of the whole

A committee of the whole

A Committee of the whole

A committee of the whole