The Hawaiian Affairs Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi is founded on Hawaiian cultural values of aloha, malama ʻāina, hoʻokipa and kuleana.  Our work and interaction within the ʻohana, in the community, and with one another will reflect these values. Any member of the Democratic Party of Hawaii may join the caucus by submitting the application found at the Hawaiian Affairs Caucus website:  Click on “about", “membership" to find a brochure and the membership application form.

We practice and promote pono (humanity and righteousness).  We believe everyone in Hawaiʻi should be treated with dignity and have access to work or income, a safe place to live, nourishing food to eat, accurate and appropriate education, and healthcare that promotes well-being.  We recognize that the rights and responsibilities accorded to the people of Hawaiʻi today directly reflect Hawaiian social, cultural, and spiritual values that have evolved from time immemorial.  As a result, we acknowledge the ʻāina as a living being, as parent, and therefore as requiring of our care in order to thrive.

Our kuleana is to 1) malama ʻāina as the ʻāina malama us, 2) protect ALL of Hawaiʻi’s natural resources (on the ʻāina and in the kai), 3) malama nā kūpuna, regardless of ethnicity, and 4) educate others on Hawaiian values.  Practicing Hawaiian culture, and gathering and sharing information about such cultural practices, allows us opportunity to educate others.  We believe that from our relationship to the ʻāina springs forth our relationship to one another.  The ʻāina teaches us how to express aloha, malama ʻāina, kuleana and to ho`okipa, by providing space for others who believe and behave likewise.

We advocate a pono economic system that takes into account existing inequalities, finite space, transmigration, and the limited resources of our island home, ka pae ʻāina ʻo Hawaiʻi.  We support sustainability that will lead to abundance. We believe in accountability.  As the ‘āina holds us accountable for its well-being (the people will thrive as the ‘āina thrives), so we are required to hold ourselves and others accountable to the well-being for our society.  We pledge to hold accountable all public servants identified as Democrats to the mission and goals of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi.

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Hawaiian Affairs Caucus By-Laws:
Hawaiian Affairs Caucus Bylaws (Ratified 2018)-1

If anyone wishes to get in touch with us, they can contact the caucus email at

Chair,  Juanita Brown Kawamoto
1st Vice Chair, Kainoa Kaumeheiwa-Rego
2nd Vice Chair, Melodie Aduja
Secretary, Benton Pang
Treasurer, Marilyn Leimomi Khan
SCC Representative, Ellen (Pohai) Ryan
SCC Representative, Kendrick Farm
Oʻahu At-Large, Kaimo Muhlestein
Oʻahu At-Large, Brad Lum
Hawaiʻi County At-Large:  Lei Kihoi
Kauaʻi County At-Large, Jean Iida
Maui County At-Large, Stacy Crivello