The Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i is dedicated to identifying and publicizing issues that are critical to the preservation and restoration of the environment at world, national, state, and local levels.

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1. Improve and fund Hawaii’s quarantine inspection systems, in order to protect Hawai‘i from the dangers of invasive species. It is better to turn our enemies back at the gate than to fight them once they are here.

2. Establish a 2000-foot shoreline setback on all Big Island state land from Ulupo Point to Volcanoes National Park. This setback will protect the historic Ala Kahakai Trail and preserve public access to the coast.

3. Banning/Managing plastic bags and Styrofoam containers throughout the State of Hawai‘i, while not weakening the current neighbor Island plastic bag bans on Maui and Kaua‘i.

4. Support legislation that creates a smart power distribution grid, designed to enhance and facilitate the delivery of clean and renewable energy resources throughout Hawai‘i.

5. Reduce automobile use by making pedestrian and bicycle travel integral transportation modes within public rights of way, in accordance with HRS 264-20.5; Act 54 of Legislative Session 2009.

6. Ensure full funding of Clean Energy Investments from Barrel Tax (HB 2421).

7. Support the creation of School Gardens/Farms and Garden Educators who will instruct in the Agricultural Sciences/STEM and nutritional education to improve the health of our children and insure future food sustainability for Hawai‘i.

8. Support legislation requiring the DLNR and DOA to improve and expand the availability of long term agricultural leases favorable to small farms and local agricultural enterprises, in order to improve local small farm investments in long-term food sustainability.

9. Resolve to study and fund an Agribusiness Cooperative Program, designed to empower local farmer distribution to large retail establishments, and develop local feed mills in order to lower farm costs and minimize the carbon footprint of current feed imports.

*In addition to this platform, the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i supports all Environmental Resolutions passed at the 2010 Hawai‘i State Democratic Convention.

To read all 2010 Democratic Convention Environmental Resolutions, please visit the Convention 2010 Environmental Resolutions Link on our website.



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Vice Chair, Melodie Aduja
Secretary, Jeff McKnight
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At Large, Charley Ice
At Large, John Miller
SCC Representative, Martha Randolph
SCC Representative, Jun Shin

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