Democratic Party of Hawai‘i’s
2022 Biennial State Convention
Anchored on Maui

Location: TBD & On-line
Date & Time: TBD

Aloha fellow Democrats,

At the May 8, 2021 State Central Committee meeting we, Stephanie Ohigashi and Michael Golojuch, Jr., were confirmed as the Co-chairs for the 2022 Democratic Party of Hawai‘i’s State Convention. We are looking for dedicated volunteers to assist with putting on a unique and dynamic 2022 DPH State Convention. If you would like to apply to be appointed please click here for the on-line application.

All of the listed Convention Committees are under our supervision, in consultation with Party Chair Tyler Dos Santos-Tam. These committees are the working/behind the scenes committees and they are responsible with ensuring that our biennial state convention runs smoothly, is inclusive as possible, and all of our fellow Democrats are aware of what is happening at the 2022 DPH State Convention.

The time commitment for each of the committees varies but on average it will be about 2 – 4 hours a month but increase as we approach certain deadlines. Every committee will have a representative from every county.

If you have any questions about these Convention Committees please email Michael at

We hope that you will apply to help make the 2022 State Convention a huge success.

I Mua,

Stephanie Ohigashi & Michael Golojuch, Jr.
2022 DPH State Convention

2022 Democratic Party of Hawai‘i’s
State Convention Committees

Administrative Committee is tasked with planning and executing the 2022 DPH State Convention. Tasks include but not limited to:

  • Build out the convention portion of the DPH website
  • Build out the DPH YouTube channel
  • Prepare a communications plan
  • Prepare for the 2022 Precinct/District Meetings
  • Trainings for Convention: Co-Chairs, Committee members, & Delegates

Awards Committee tasks include, but not limited to:

  • Recommend award categories to the Co-chairs of the State Convention, & Party Chair
  • Reviewing the nominations
  • Verify information provided as needed
  • Set the rating scale to help determine the winner(s)
  • Select the winner(s) in consultation with the Co-chairs of the State Convention, & Party Chair
  • Announce the winner(s)

Credentials Committee* is tasked with, but not limited to:

  • Credentialing all delegates
  • Administer the waiver program
  • Adjudicate all challenges to seated delegates

Elections Committee* is tasked with, but not limited to:

  • Verify the candidates meet the requirements for the office they are seeking
  • Work with the vendor to ensure they receive the data when they need it
  • Verify the data received from the vendor and announce the results

Registration Committee is tasked with, but not limited to:

  • Assist with designing and building out the on-line registration platform
  • Follow up with credentialed delegates to get them registered
  • Prepare the in-person check-in process
  • Recruit and train volunteers to staff the check-in desk

* = All voting members of these committees must be &/or be elected as a delegate to the 2022 DPH State Convention.