State Chairperson Candidate

Tyler Dos Santos-Tam

Tyler Dos Santos-Tam

Tyler Dos Santos-Tam

Aloha! My name is Tyler Dos Santos-Tam, and I am running for Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi. As a dedicated member of the party, I hope to offer my experience, energy, and ability to help unify the party, strengthen our foundation, and empower our membership.


Current Work within the Party

As the Coordinator for the Hawaiʻi for Biden campaign, I've been proud to work alongside my counterparts with the Sanders campaign and others in a fair, open way to ensure that we can come together and unite as a party.

As a current House District chair, I recognize the challenges our grassroots and grasstops leaders face, and hope to draw upon my experience to provide resources to empower them to be active and successful in their communities.

Having been a caucus leader in both the Labor Caucus and Young Democrats, I also recognize the importance of caucuses in ensuring that diverse voices are heard and meaningful issues are raised.

An Active Leader within the Young Democrats of Hawaiʻi

I’ve been an active member of the Young Democrats of Hawaiʻi since returning home from college in 2010. I’ve served in many capacities - Vice President, National Convention Chair, YDHI's Conference Chair in 2015 and 2017, and most recently as President.

I’ve organized and sponsored trainings and other activities, including bringing nationally acclaimed author, attorney, and activist Christine Pelosi to train candidates and volunteers earlier this year. In all of these roles, I've worked to empower a new group of emerging leaders, and am proud that many of them have gone on to serve in other capacities within the party.


Unite Our Party

I will work to ensure that all voices are heard within our party, and that our membership and leaders reflect the rich heritage of all people of Hawaiʻi. This includes appointing members of diverse backgrounds and beliefs to the standing committees, working to include underrepresented voices, and having a robust communication program so members and the public know who we are and what we stand for.

Strengthen Our Foundation

I will work to ensure that the party’s nuts-and-bolts infrastructure is strong - not just for the next two years - but for the long term. First and foremost, this means implementing an effective fundraising campaign so we can maintain our top notch staff and a quality program of activities. This also includes using all available technology to move us into the 21st Century, updating our database and communication system, and running an effective Coordinated Campaign in 2020.

Empower Our Members

I will work to empower members, the caucuses, and county chapters from across the state so that we can restore a bottom-up approach to the party. This includes bringing home resources from national organizations, providing our membership with valuable tools and information to be engaged and make a difference, and providing educational seminars and training opportunities on a regular basis.

Please visit my website at or my Facebook page at to learn more. You may also contact me any time at (808) 348-8885 or via email at