State Chairperson Candidate

Joshua Frost

Joshua Frost

Joshua Frost

Aloha Democrats,

First and foremost, I hope you're all staying safe and healthy during these difficult and challenging times.

As you may know, I am running to be the next Chair of the Party and hope I can earn your support.

About My Party Experience
I have been a member of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi since 2004, but really became active in 2006. Early on I made it a point to learn and experience the Party, getting to know its rules, its history, its challenges, and its leaders.

At the very first precinct meeting I ever attended, I was elected President. Since then I have held positions at every level of our Party. From Precinct President to State Secretary, from District Chair to Region Chair (on Oahu), to a member of the State Central Committee (SCC) and even Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2016.

• Precinct President
• District Chair (member of the OCC)
• Region Chair (member of the OCC)
• State Central Committee for SD10
• Assistant State Secretary
• State Secretary
• Co-Chair, SCC Legislation Committee (multiple legislative sessions)
• Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

I even worked as the Party’s Office Manager at one point.

So eager was I to participate and begin my Party education, the very first State Convention I ever attended wasn’t as a Delegate. I was the official timekeeper. Before I knew anything or anyone, I was fortunate to experience my very first State Convention from the dais. Since that very first Convention, I have missed just one (to attend my brother’s wedding).

Having spent more than a decade actively engaged in our Party, I believe I have the knowledge, commitment, and experience to lead our Party.

My Personal, Professional Experience
I graduated from Miami University (Ohio, not Florida) with dual degrees in Comparative Religion and Philosophy and more recently received my Masters Degree in Political Management from George Washington University.

Before moving to consulting in 2018, I worked as Session Staff in the Hawaiʻi State House and worked in the Policy Office for two Governors. Over the years I have volunteered in various capacities on numerous campaigns; from my first as a volunteer on Senator Akaka’s reelection campaign in 2006 to working professionally for Kim Coco Iwamoto’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor in 2018.

I am also a Co-Founder of Progressive Democrats of Hawaiʻi and Equality Hawaiʻi and have worked with or helped lead coalitions to raise Hawaiʻi’s minimum wage.

My Goals as Party Chair

  • Engage the Grassroots
    If elected, I will work with District Chairs across the state to hold meetings (either remotely or in person) with members in every single District. Getting to know members from across the islands, hearing their ideas for and concerns about our Party and how we can restore vibrancy to our grassroots structures. It is important that we do what we can to ensure our grassroots members feel some ownership of their Party.
  • Build a Broader Fundraising Base
    Acknowledging previous Chairs have attempted this with mixed success, I hope that by engaging the grassroots of our Party as I suggest above we can spark passion and commitment from our members to not only be more active, but also to contribute small-dollar amounts.

    Within the first three months of being elected, I hope to establish phone banking operations to call Party members. Member-to-member phone banking will help further establish relationships and activity at the grassroots while allowing us to fundraise, and clean and update our membership database.

    To the extent it is possible, I will encourage financial support of our Party from elected Democrats. But this does not mean that I, as Chair, would remain silent when I believe they fail to make substantial progress on issues important to the Party.

  • Strengthen Relationships with Organized Labor
    Hawaiʻi’s labor unions and their members are the heart of Hawaiʻi’s workforce and economy. Whether in construction, in the public or private sectors, union members are our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and neighbors. In strengthening our relationship with organized labor, I hope to not only energize our members, but also hopefully build relationships that encourage financial support for our Party.
  • Strengthen The Party’s Position with Elected Democrats
    As Chair, I will do what I can to strengthen the Party’s influence with elected Democrats at the Legislature and County Councils, Governor and Mayors.

    For too long, the Party Platform and Legislative Priorities have been largely ignored by legislators. This cannot be changed through threats of punishment and expulsion. As Chair, I will work with elected officials as much as possible. But I also believe the Party Chair should be prepared to hold accountable elected Democrats when they fail to do the people’s work.

    From increasing the minimum wage, to enacting paid family leave, paid sick leave, universal health care, and environmental stewardship, the Chair should not be afraid to use the bully pulpit of their position to publicly criticize and condemn elected officials when they fail to address the most critical issues we face here in Hawaiʻi.

Should you have questions about any of this, or simply want to talk story with me, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at Or you can call my cell at (808) 371-9334.

You can also find more about me on my campaign Facebook Page:

I hope I can count on your support! Together, we can make a difference.

Mahalo for your commitment to our Party and stay safe and healthy,
Josh Frost