Senate District 25 SCC Representative Candidate

Janet L. Mitchell

Aloha e Senate District 25 Democrats,

Recognizing that we have a lot of hard work to do in our State, I’m asking for your consideration of me to join the SCC as non-male member of the 25th Senate District.

In 1982 at 24 years of age, I made Hawaii my home. I worked in the telephony and production industry until leaving in late 1988 to travel.

Since moving back to Hawaii in 1999, I’ve assisted several Democratic candidates with their phone banking, canvassing, flyer mailings, sign-making and waving activities, and volunteered for Democratic Party mass-mailing duties earlier this year for my region.

After joining the Democratic Party in 2016, I served as an Oahu County and State delegate in 2016 and 2018 for District 50 (Kailua) and as Precinct President (50-3), and Region 9 treasurer until March of this year, when Covid-19 was just beginning to take hold in our country.

Hobbies include emergency communications, artistry, and amateur photography.

Issues that concern me are the overbuilding on Oahu, Red Hill fuel tank issue, monster homes/inappropriate high-rises, Hawaii’s over-dependence on tourism, lack of ADA compliance in some areas, lack of affordable housing in areas that can support it, lack of food security, water and environmental safety, climate change, uncontrolled use of harmful pesticides, etc.

Mahalo for your kind consideration,

Janet (Jan) Mitchell