Presidential Elector Candidate

Robert Armstrong

Robert (Bob) Armstrong

Robert (Bob) Armstrong

Aloha and mahalo for allowing me to participate as a candidate for the 2020 Presidential Elector. As such, I promise to enthusiastically support and vote for Joe Biden and his running mate and am confident we will take back both the Executive and Legislative branches of government this November.

From nearly my first day in Hawai`i eight years ago, I've been active with the O'ahu Democratic Party, usually working as a party Precinct Chairperson or helping local candidates with the election efforts. After the 2016 election, I organized and executed several well-received and well-attended bipartisan forums on behalf of the Democratic Party on making sense of the election results and how to channel frustration into action.

Heeding my own advice, I worked as Governor Ige and Mayor Caldwell's marketing director for O`ahu's first Summit on Homelessness. Because of my efforts and the involvement of nearly a dozen social service agencies, we brought together 337 individuals for a half-day conference, resulting in the immediate housing of 80 homeless families and veterans.

I also sought and won an elected seat on the Downtown Honolulu-Chinatown Neighborhood Board, where I continue to advocate for the homeless and affordable housing, equitable policing policies, and public safety concerns in our core city.

My professional and charitable life includes working for every segment of government (federal, state and local), broadcast outlets and multiple local non-profits. I hope to win your confidence and support as we move forward united to make our beautiful state and country a better place for all.