Presidential Elector Candidate

Larry J Smith

Larry J Smith

Larry J Smith


I’m Larry Smith, a candidate for Elector. As a State Delegate registered for the 2020 eConvention you will have the opportunity to vote for Hawaii’s Four Electors during the July 11-12 voting process. An Elector’s sole job is to cast a vote to select our next President and Vice President.

If elected, I pledge to vote for our presumptive Democratic Nominee, Joe Biden, and the Democratic candidate for Vice President . I will faithfully execute my duties to the Constitution and Voters of Hawaii.

I’m a founding member of the Hawai’i for Biden Committee and campaigned in Hawaii for Joe. I am a Delegate pledged to Joe Biden for the Democratic National Convention. I will continue to campaign here in Hawaii and remotely to swing states for Joe and Democrats on the mainland to Beat Republicans. Democrats must not only win the Presidency but also take the Senate and gain seats in the House.

As a Hawaii Democrat, I support the Platform of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, will conduct myself with the Spirit of Aloha & follow Joe’s Campaign Code. I’m a lifelong Democrat, Treasurer of the DPH, SCC representative for the Kupuna Caucus, VP of Precinct 5, District 25, Treasurer of the LGBT Caucus & a member of the Fundraising & the Party-run Presidential Primary Committees.

I ask for your support to be an Elector.


Larry Smith