Presidential Elector Candidate

John Bickel

John William Bickel

John William Bickel

Elect John Bickel 2020 ELECTOR

* 2020 Co-Chair Democratic Party Ethics Committee

* 2018-2020 Co-Chair Party-run Presidential Primary committee

* 2016 Presidential Elector for Hillary Clinton

* 2016 Sanders Delegate to National Convention

* 2014-present President of Americans for Democratic Action – Hawaii Chapter

* 2012 Obama Delegate to National Convention

* 2010-present SCC Rep. from Women’s Caucus

* 1992-present Convention Affirmative Action Co- Chair for most State Conventions Caucus Memberships: Education, Environmental, LGBT, and Women

* 1989-present Social Studies Teacher at Campbell H.S., Roosevelt H.S., and ‘Iolani School

Vote John Bickel for Elector

“I will faithfully execute my duties to the Constitution and Voters of Hawaii.”