Presidential Elector Candidate

Cynthia Lynch

Cynthia Elizabeth Lynch

Cynthia Elizabeth Lynch


My name is Cynthia Lynch and I am asking for your support to represent Hawaii’s
interests as your Hawaii Democratic National Committeewoman, because I am passionate
about representing Hawaii’s interests in preserving our democracy in our Democratic Party
platform. I am currently President Precinct 3 in District 22. I have also served as Vice President
of Precinct 3 and support various events and fund raisers in District 22.

I have devoted most of my adult life to serving the public good, first working at the
municipal level in community outreach, then as a professor of public administration at a HBCU,
a Hispanic Serving Institution, and now at Hawaii Pacific University.

Since 2003 I have taught young professionals how to be public servants in a moral
democracy. How to commit to serving the “public good” even if it costs them their job to
uphold their democratic principles. And finally, how to answer to the noble calling of public
service to uphold and honor the constitution. I am proud to say that my students have gone on
to work for various Congressmen and Congresswomen, become the Executive Directors of
nonprofit organizations, and some have gone on to get the Ph.D. and continue to teach in the
areas of public administration and public policy.

In the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to watch the systematic erosion
of our noble calling. To see the careers and service records of professional civil servants ruined
because they dared to do their jobs with truth, honor and dignity. To see the systematic
destruction of agencies that were intended to help “the people” be turned to serve only the
profiteering of the 1%ers. To see the caustic effects of gas-lighting burn holes through truth and
those who try to tell it. We must take our democracy back! The only way we do this is to not
only winning the presidential election but also by winning the down-ballot in the House and in
the Senate, in State Legislatures, city halls, justice departments and sheriffs.

I will do everything I can to make myself available to you, to listen to your ideas and
hear your concerns. This way we will build bridges of communication and trust to strengthen
and unify our Hawaii Democratic party. I will promote, preserve and protect to Democratic
Platform and the progressive vision the Democratic Party of Hawaii has for our future.

Political Activities
-- Precinct President, Vice President, in the Hawaii Democratic Party
-- BA in City Planning from the University of Massachusetts, Boston College of Public and
Community Service.
-- Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.
-- Ph D in Public policy from Southern University and A & M College, Nelson Mandela
School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs.
-- Ordained Interfaith Minister from the New Seminary, New York City
Work Experience
-- Professor in MPA programs at Southern University and A & M College, Nelson Mandela
School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley and
Hawaii Pacific University,
-- Adjunct faculty in MPA programs at University of Hawaii, Manoa, Walden University
-- Pres. of Scott Balsdon Inc. Consultant company for government and nonprofit
organizations and management.
-- Editor of Global Virtue Ethics Review
-- Lifetime member of the American Society for Public Administration
-- Author of 25 refereed articles, book chapters and books.