Presidential Elector Candidate

Andrea Wagner

Andrea Wagner

Andrea Johnson Wagner

I am running to be an elector as I believe it important for citizens to be actively engaged in our democratic process. I was born and raised in Honolulu, lived 30 years in Southern California where I worked and raised my family, and returned to the islands with my husband in 2010 to care for my mother.

My interest in the political process stems for growing up with parents who believed in civic engagement and the need to assess political candidates based on demonstrated qualifications vs. campaign promises. While I have voted ever since I was first able to do so (at age 18), my direct engagement started with the Kerry campaign, when I realized that I could no longer justify sitting on the sidelines. Tabling, precinct walking in Las Vegas, supporting GOTV efforts, and serving as a poll superintendent enabled me to engage with and assist voters and encourage me to more active roles in our local Democratic party and community. Upon returning to Hawaii, I sought to continue my civic engagement through volunteer roles connecting me with youth and adults. In 2016, I was elected a precinct president and immediately started working to connect with individuals in my precinct. That work continues to this day.

Democracy works best when people are engaged. People are best engaged by those who believe in them, listen and speak honestly to them, and help expand the effect of their voices. I hope that I can do this faithfully representing the voters of Hawaii in the Electoral College.