National Committeewoman Candidate

Amy Monk

Amy Monk

Amy Monk


I am Amy Monk and I humbly ask for your vote for National Committeewoman. This year, I was honored to be elected as a national delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. A life-long Democrat, I am active in the Democratic Party of Hawaii, a supporter of Democratic candidates, and an advocate for the Party’s principles serving as

• Member, Hawaii for Biden 2020 Committee
• Co-Chair, Democratic Party of Hawaii (DPH) Women’s Caucus
• Member, Fundraising Committee of the DPH and organizer, 2019 Pupus and Politics
• Member, Board of Directors, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii
• ​Member and former Treasurer, Patsy T. Mink PAC
• Member, Board of Directors, Malama Maunalua
• Member, AAUW, League of Women Voters, and Japanese American Citizens League

As you may know, I helped raise funds for the Party and to implement the Party's successful Presidential Preference Poll. I have volunteered at the grassroots level for local, state and Presidential elections. If I am elected DNC Committeewoman, I will bring the same commitment to be a full and active participant at SCC meetings, and to represent the interests of the Democratic Party of Hawaii at DNC meetings.

I am running for National Committeewoman because the Democratic Party is a force for good in our Nation. Democrats offer sustainable environmental policies; a responsible foreign policy supporting steady bilateral and international cooperation; voter protections; minority and women’s rights; support for humane and comprehensive immigration laws; respect for a free and independent press. I continue to support Democratic candidates who work to protect women’s rights and an equal rights amendment, transparent and ethical governance, support for vulnerable families and assurance that all Americans can access education, healthcare, and affordable housing.

We live in dangerous and uncertain times. Our democratic institutions are under attack. SDNY US Attorney was suddenly fired, also fired were nationally respected journalists and the boards of Voice of American and its sister organizations. Inspectors general in four Federal agencies were fired. Peaceful protestors continue to march, though threatened by heavily armed police. The nation is still plagued by a virus with no cure or vaccine, and CDC is silent. Daily, the minorities are villianized and their rights trampled, DACA kids are still in fear of deportation. Democracy cannot survive another 4 years of Trump. I feel it is time for me to step up.

Mahalo for your consideration. Sincerely,