National Committeeman Candidate

Michael Golojuch Jr.

Michael Golojuch, Jr

Aloha kākou,


My name is Michael Golojuch, Jr. and I am running to be National Committeeman to help ensure all of the members of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi (DPH) has a voice on the Democratic National Committee. I promise to bring the same dedication to this position as I have brought to all of my work in and outside of the Party over the years. Here is an example of my work and dedication to make the Party and our state a better place:

  • Vice Chair of the LGBT Caucus of the DPH (2010 - 2012)
  • Chair & SCC Representative of the LGBT Caucus of the DPH (2012 - present)
  • Assistant Secretary of the DPH (2016 - 2018)
  • Communications Director for the Labor Caucus of the DPH (2016 - present)
  • Revitalized the DPH Membership Committee (2012)
  • Co-Chair of the DPH Membership Committee (2018 - present) where we:
    • Ensured the DPH had membership and voter drives at:
      • The Senior Fair in 2018 for the very first time and again in 2019
      • The Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Rally in 2020
    • Ran the successful 2020 t-shirt art contest
    • Fundraised to buy a DPH logged tent, to be used at party functions.
  • Directly oversaw the 2020 District/Precinct meetings from script creation to packet assembly
  • Created the DPH training program in 2018, through the Membership  Committee, where I trained over 3,000 fellow Democrats (either in person or via video/teleconference) on the following topics:
    • The Hawai'i legislative process (from opening day to Sine Die),
    • How to be a better and more effective citizen lobbyist,
    • How to get involved with the Party.
    • What to expect at the District/Precinct March 4th meetings,
    • How to run to be a delegate to the State or National Convention,
    • How to fully participate in the 2020 DPH Party Elections & State eConvention, and for
    • District Chairs (DC) how to run the Match 4th meetings and the
    • Newly elected DC what is expected of them in their role.
  • Through the DPH training program I also helped bring in trainers to cover:
    • How to write a bill (& get it introduced), and
    • Candidate, campaign staff and Party leader training program from Democratic National Training Committee
  • Authored and co-introduced the resolution that create the Taskforce to study and report back how to improve and be more inclusive for how the Party runs our Party-run Presidential Primary and their recommendation was implemented in 2020.
  • Organized and executed the Poll Watching program for the Party in 2016
  • Co-Chaired the Platform Committee in 2014 and the Resolutions Committee in 2016 for the DPH State Convention
  • Co-Chaired Rules, Platform, Resolutions and Credentials convention committees for the O'ahu County Democrats Convention over the years.
  • At the County level, I have served as the Region 8 Chair; District Treasure and I currently serve as my Precinct's District Council Representative.
  • Elected as a delegate and attended every DPH State and O'ahu County Democrats Convention since 2010.
  • Delegate to the 2012 DNC Convention in Charlotte, where we had the largest LGBTQIA+ contingent in our state's history
  • Hosted, on behalf of the LGBT Caucus, two amazing and fierce Transgender Rights Activist, Nhuun Yodmuang (Thailand) & Yaya Aye Myat (Myanmar) who interned with the DPH
  • Helped bring the Party's Platform and Resolutions to life by:
    • Advocating for and helping pass Civil Unions, Marriage Equality, expanding gender markers on state IDs and Driver's Licenses, and ban 'Gay panic' & "Trans panic' as an affirmative defense as well as,
    • Lead the successful effort to ban conversion therapy for minors
    • Lead the grassroots effort to successfully pass medical aid in dying
  • Lead the successful effort in 2016 for the DPH to be the first Democratic State Party in the nation to elect our State Central Committee member pairs by different genders instead of based on the gender binary.
  • Found member of the Veteran's Caucus
  • Official 2020 Elections Observer for the State-run elections
  • Founding and core member for the organizing team that produced the inaugural Glenn Ida Golf Tournament in support of the Democratic Party of Hawai'i
  • Page to the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee

Here is some of the work outside the party over the same period:

  • Vice-President for the Hawaii's State AFL-CIO representing Pride@Work - Hawai'i (2016 to present)
    • Delegate to Pride@Work's national convention (2018)
  • Produced the largest peaceful protesting Hawaii's history, the 2017 Women's March - O'ahu, where we had over 15,000 people participate while also helping coordinate all he state's 6 sister Women's Marches on the neighbor islands as well as assisted the delegation that represented Hawai'i at the Women's march on Washington, DC.
  • Founding and current members the Hawai'i Labor Coalition
  • Board member fo Aloha United Way's - Safety Net Council (2013 to present)
  • Board member for a local chapter of a national non-partisan (which is why I am not naming them) organization that holds power accountable as well as advocates for voter's rights and transparency in government at all levels (2020 - present)
  • Chaired Honolulu Pride, Hawaii's largest LGBTQIA+ event (2010 - 2015)
  • Produced "Love Makes a Family" in 2013, with headliner, the late, great Willie K., which was the rally before the start of the Special Session that would make Marriage Equality a reality in Hawai'i
  • Helped organize the midnight ceremonies for Civil Unions (2011/12) and Marriage Equality (2013)
  • Attended President Barack Obama's 2nd inauguration in 2013

If I am elected as National Committeeman, I will be the first out LGBTQIA+ person from the DPH in this position and I want to bring the same passion I have shown over the years to our State Party to the DNC, where working in concert with DPH's entire delegation to the DNC to ensure that you are kept informed of what is happening at the DNC, while advocating for:

  • Better access to the DNC for all Democrats,
  • Keeping and building up the 50-state program to ensure that Democrats can run and win at every level of government, from county to state, to the Federal,
  • Replacing National Committeeman/woman with National Committee-person, so our Party is as welcoming to ALL members of society no matter their gender identity, as well as
  • The issues and topics that matter to you.

At the local State level, I will help the newly elected Chair and other members of the Executive Committee to:

  • Stand-up all of DPH's Standing committees to ensure they are as strong and robust as the DPH Membership Committee,
  • Help fundraise to get the Party on better financial footing,
  • Advocate and assist in better outreach so we can attain our Affirmative Action goals, as well as
  • Continue to share my knowledge of the Party and help others share their knowledge and perspective.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my statement and consider my candidacy for National Committeeman. I will be doing my best over the next few weeks to reach out to every State Delegate personally to discuss my candidacy, as well as to get their feedback and input about how the Party can do better for all its members from life-long Democrats to those that just joined our Blue ʻOhana. If you are a delegate or not and you want to reach out to me, please contact me at


Mahalo for your consideration,

Michael Golojuch, Jr.

Candidate for National Committeeman

Democratic Party of Hawai'i