Election Day

Democrats were out in full force at the polls on Tuesday in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and North Carolina. I was fired up to be in Cincinnati encouraging folks to mobilize, organize, and vote for Aftab Pureval for Congress and Rob Richardson for treasurer.


Candidates like Aftab and Rob give me so much hope for our party’s future. And as we head toward November, I’m looking forward to joining them and so many amazing Democrats on the campaign trail to make sure we’re electing the kind of leaders the American people deserve.

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

We owe so much to the teachers in America. They devote countless unpaid extra hours, unwavering patience, and unconditional love — all so our kids can have a fair shot to lead the best life they can dream.


As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, I’m particularly grateful for the incredible work of AFT and NEA members, as well as all of the amazing educators at our public schools across the country. My parents always taught me that education is the great equalizer. That’s why Democrats are committed to supporting our educators with the resources, wages, and benefits they need and deserve every step of the way.

Making Progress at RBC

The DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee met earlier this week to review the Unity Reform Commission’s report and address other party business. I want to applaud them on their incredible work. We’ve still got work to do, but they’ve already passed critical reforms that will help our party be more united and successful at the ballot box.

At the DNC’s March meeting, the full DNC took the step of advancing the most significant reforms to the party’s presidential nominating process in decades. DNC members voted to accept the principles of the Rules and Bylaws Committee report that calls for reducing the influence of unpledged delegates (commonly known as ‘superdelegates’) in the presidential nominating process, expanding the use of primaries, taking steps to protect the right to vote, making our caucuses more accessible, increasing transparency in our party and increasing grassroots participation. These reforms will continue to make our party more competitive in every ZIP code in 2018 and beyond.

The RBC has since been working to implement any necessary changes to the rules, bylaws, call or through charter amendments if need be. The main item on the agenda for this week’s meeting was consideration and drafting of the 2020 Delegate Selection Rules that will be presented to the full DNC for its adoption at the August meeting. Delegate selection rules primarily focus on the primary and caucus reforms recommended by the Unity Reform Commission.
They hammered out the following draft rules changes over the last couple of days:

  • Incorporating the recommended reforms from the Unity Reform Commission’s report to expand the use of primary and make caucuses more open, transparent, and accessible
  • Updating the equal division language to include gender non-binary delegates
  • Strengthening voting rights by calling for state parties to create grassroots voter protection infrastructure and advocate for same-day or automatic registration


Photo courtesy of @aseitzwald

Recommendations related to “superdelegates” and other party reforms changes will be considered in the convention call and through potential charter amendments that will take place at next month’s meeting in Providence, RI on June 8 and 9.
The 2020 primary must be transparent and fair to all candidates. This is critically important work, and while we still have a lot of work left, I’m proud of the progress we’ve made.

Democrats Live

On this week’s episode of Democrats Live, DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison hosted Senator Elizabeth Warren for a discussion on the power of elections to effect meaningful change in the lives of the American people. They talked about the Democratic Party’s new IWillVote campaign to reach 50 million voters between now and November to engage, educate, and mobilize for victories up and down the ticket in 2018 and beyond.



You can watch this episode, plus full episodes of past shows, in one convenient place: facebook.com/democrats.


Happy Mother’s Day

I just want close by wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day weekend. Like so many of you, I’ll be spending this weekend with my family, reflecting on the strength and generosity of my own mother, as well as the mother of my kids – my incredible wife, Ann.

As Democrats, we’re working every day to improve the lives of mothers across the country – from our fights for equal pay and paid maternity leave, to affordable child care and access to early education programs.

So let’s take time this weekend to thank or remember the mothers in our lives. And let’s continue to show our respect and appreciation for them in the work we do every day.


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee