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AAPI Newsletter: 

2017 in Review, and Looking Ahead to 2018

Dear friends and allies,

2017 was an incredible year for progressives, Democrats, and the AAPI community – we won over 100 local and state elections and flipped 34 legislative seats.

In Virginia, not only did we elect Governor Ralph Northam, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, and Attorney General Mark Herring, we also elected first time AAPI candidates Kathy Tran, Kelly Fowler, and Hala Ayala as delegates. In New Jersey, we elected Vin Gopal to the state Senate and in Washington state, we elected Manka Dhingra to the state Senate, flipping control of the chamber from red to blue. We couldn’t have done this without supporters, organizers, and activists in the AAPI community like you.

Time and time again, we’ve seen the influence of Asian American & Pacific Islander voters and in 2018, we know their vote is going to be crucial in ensuring victories all across the country.

We at the New DNC are looking forward to staying engaged with you, finding ways to uplift your work, and highlighting the successes and actions of our community. That’s why we’d love your help. Take a minute to answer this 5-question survey, and when you’re done, post this call tool on your social media accounts urging GOP Senators to pass the DREAM Act.

Thank you for your partnership and investments in the work ahead.

In Solidarity,

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Questionnaire: Below is a quick 5-question survey: we would love your thoughtful feedback as we build on our strategic plan for effective outreach across the states: 

  1. Are you or any partner organizations planning to host any engagement events for Lunar New Year this February?

  2. What are the top 3 AAPI issues facing your city/county/state?

  3. Who are the AAPI candidates running for office or serving in an elected office capacity in your local communities?

  4. What work are local AAPI Democratic or Organizing Clubs doing to engage the community that we can uplift and spotlight?

  5. Confirmation/Update: Does your state party have an AAPI state caucus, and have they gotten a chance to connect with the DNC in 2017-2018?


DNC Investments and Activities in Review: AAPI Community

  1. DNC Vice Chair and Congresswoman Grace Meng led efforts to engage the AAPI community on the ground for important elections, including in Virginia and Georgia, and provide support for GOTV operations.

  2. The DNC AAPI Caucus spearheaded a creative fundraiser to supply food, snacks and beverages for volunteers and staff in the Doug Jones for Senate campaign in Alabama, raising about $2,000 to donate to various field offices.

  3. The DNC hired the following organizers to work with diverse communities in the Out of Commonwealth program for the Virginia elections: Amrietha Nellan who works with AAPI communities and Christiana Ho who helped to lead the overall Out of Commonwealth (OOCW) efforts.

  4. AAPI outreach has featured public events with grass-tops leaders in the AAPI communities, such as DNC AAPI Caucus Chair Bel Leong-Hong, to host voter registration events, voter education events, canvass events, and overall mobilize voters to increase access to voting.

  5. The DNC made one of the largest investments in Virginia in mailers to the African-American, Latino and AAPI communities.

  6. Our DNC investment into state parties supported local AAPI candidates across the country from Manka Dhingra in Washington to Vin Gopal in New Jersey to Kathy Tran and Kelly Fowler in Virginia by hosting field rallies and GOTV texting campaigns. In addition to the OOCW program, the DNC featured Kathy Tran and Justin Fairfax on an episode of Democrats Live to highlight the importance of electing Democrats up and down the ballot on Election Day.

  7. The DNC Communications department worked closely with the Virginia Coordinated Campaign and campaigns across the country to highlight our diverse candidates and targeted AAPI media outlets.

  8. The DNC invested in the constituency organizing program during the GA-06 campaign and collaborated with the Democratic Party of Georgia to run a large constituency organizing program to boost the Jon Ossoff campaign during the special election for GA-06. The DNC and DPG hired 12 diverse community organizers to run GOTV efforts in key Democratic Party communities, three of whom were AAPI organizers. The DNC sent our Southern Organizing Director to Georgia for two months to help the DPG run the program and coordinate with Jon Ossoff’s GOTV program and contribute to a higher turnout for voters of color, including the AAPI community.

  9. Virginia-Specific Numbers: During absentee voting and early vote, there was a 295% increase in AAPI turnout relative to 2013.


Twitter: American DREAMing: Carlos video and phone call tool


Carlos’s family came to the United States seeking a better life after he lost his father to cancer. We need to pass the Dream Act for him and the nearly 800,000 more like him. Call your GOP senator and tell them to do their job: bit.ly/2n9vUg0

Below is the DNC Press Release.

Dreamers Deserve More Than Just Empty Promises 

Yesterday, President Trump said that “we want to do a great job with DACA” and “solve the problem.” We have heard his empty words before: Trump said he would treat Dreamers “with heart” only to rescind the DACA program, throwing hundreds of thousands of lives into chaos and uncertainty. Trump also said yesterday that “If you don’t have a wall, you don’t have DACA.” That is just about the only thing we can believe from him: Republicans will continue to hold Dreamers’ lives and futures hostage and use them as a bargaining chip.

One of the Dreamers whose life hangs in the hands of Republicans is Carlos Gonzalez. Carlos, 26, is one of the hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought to the Unites States as children. His family moved here after his father passed away from cancer so his mother could build a better life and opportunities for her young children. Carlos is an American in every way but on paper. We need to pass the Dream Act for him and the nearly 800,000 more like him.

“No one believes Donald Trump when he says he’s doing a ‘great job’ fixing a problem he created by making his cruel decision to rescind DACA. Dreamers deserve more than the empty promises they continue to get from Trump and Republicans. They deserve immediate action from Congress. It’s time for Republicans to put aside their partisan agenda and pass the bipartisan Dream Act,” said DNC spokesperson Francisco Pelayo.

NEW DNC VIDEO:  American DREAMing: Carlos


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The American DREAMing videos are part of a creative series on the stories of young immigrants and why we must fight for the DREAM Act. 


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