On Friday, 9/9, we are hosting a birthday tribute to U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye. This event will feature the premier showing of the locally-produced documentary “Senator Inouye: Told by his Son.” Joining us will be our honored guest, the late Senator’s son, Daniel K. Inouye Jr!

Chances are that your life has been touched by Senator Inouye’s work. Daniel Inouye was emblematic of the core values shared by all Hawaii Democrats and, as a key leader, he made our state and nation a much better place through his work.

Tim Vandeveer, Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, has spoken of the traditional Democratic values of the historical Revolution of ’54 as a key to revitalizing our commitment to addressing today’s challenges for the next generations. Gloria Borland’s new film on Hawaii’s Senator presents an excellent way to do so, by honoring our past through sharing a story with our members and future leaders about those who came before.

Come join us for a special birthday tribute the late Senator Inouye. We will be screening the short documentary about the Senator and talking story with special guest Daniel Ken Inouye Jr. as we enjoy beef stew, cake, and refreshments.

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