Every two years the Democratic Party of Hawaii (DPH) has Precinct Organization Meetings. These meetings are held in unison on one day across the state. Typically held in March, the Precinct Organization Meetings kick off the biennial year for the DPH. It is how we engage our grassroots and keep the Party strong with new & former members alike.

Hawaii is broken into 51 districts known as House Districts. These House Districts are the same as the Hawaii State House of Representatives Districts. Several thousand people live in a given district. To manage these numbers, the districts are further broken down into precincts. A typical House District has approximately five precincts.

The Precinct Organization Meeting is thus a meeting within your community. Democrats from every neighborhood will gather to vote on officer positions for the DPH. At every Precinct Meeting four votes are held. Every four years a fifth vote is held, the Presidential Preference Poll.

Continue reading for more information about this year’s March 26th, 2016 Precinct Organization Meetings.

  1. The election of precinct officers.
    • Hawaii has 247 precincts. Precinct Officer positions are a great way for new members to get involved with the Party. Every precinct has five officer positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and District Council Representative.
  2. The election of district officers.
    • Hawaii has 51 districts. Every district has four officer positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer. These positions are filled after each precinct elects their officers.
  3. The election of county convention delegates.
  4. The election of state convention delegates.
    • The State Convention is the seminal DPH event of the biennium. The 2016 Convention has 1,071 delegates.
  5. The Presidential Preference Poll.
    • Hawaii will send 34 delegates to the Democratic National Convention in July 2016. These delegates are allocated based upon Precinct Meeting voting numbers on March 26th. At the Precinct Meeting DPH members are allowed one vote for their preferred Democratic Presidential Candidate.
    • Learn more about the Presidential Preference Poll here.